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Our Spring Schedule – March-April 2014

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW? (Taiwan 2013; NR)
Tuesday March 4, Thursday March 6, Saturday March 8 @ 7:30PM;
Sunday March 9 @ 1, 3:05PM.
Direction and screenplay: Arvin Chen
Comfortably married optician Wei-chung keeps avoiding his wife’s importunings to father another baby. But she needn’t worry that he’s having an affair with another woman – there’s just a couple of other men. “Progresses engagingly to a resolution simultaneously poignant and heartening… The comic timing remains spot-on and the jokes fetchingly offbeat in an uterly Taiwanese way”- Variety. “A cheery rom-com tinged with dream visions and a somewhat daring conceit”- Hollywood Reporter. 104 minutes. Subtitles.

The Square

THE SQUARE (US/Egypt 2013; NR)
Tuesday March 11, Thursday March 13, Saturday March 15 @ 7:30PM;
Sunday March 16 @ 1PM ONLY THIS WEEK.
Direction: Jehane Noujaim
The Egyptian Revolution is captured on camera with urgency, immediacy, and the engrossing detail of an electrifying drama in this highly-lauded documentary, shot as it was happening to a diverse cross-section of passionate young revolutionaries. “Not only is it a searing on-the-ground, in-the-fray portrait of the heart of Egypt’s ongoing revolution, but it is also a stirring tribute to the indomitable spirit of those who are risking, and in many cases giving, their lives to keep it alive”- New Orleans Times-Picayune. “Bears witness to history in an articulate, thoughtful and intensely dramatic way”- LA Times. Oscar nominee, Best Feature Documentary of 2013. 95 minutes. English and subtitles.

Like Father Like Son film still

Tuesday March 18, Thursday March 20, Saturday March 22 @ 7:30PM;
Sunday March 23 @ 1, 3:20PM
Direction and screenplay: Hirokazu Kore-eda
The “switched at birth” urban legend and the Nature vs. Nurture debate provide Hirokazu Kore-eda with a fresh opportunity to revisit his ongoing preoccupation with family dynamics and parent-child relationships in contemporary Japan. The life of go-getting workaholic architect Ryota – one of comfort and quietly ordered affluence with his wife Midori and son Keita – is violently overturned when hospital administrators reveal the unthinkable: Keita is not his biological son. Due to a mistake made by a negligent nurse, his “true” son has been raised in the dishevelled but warm-hearted home of working class shopkeeper Yudai and his wife. “A deceptively simple title for a film of considerable emotional complexity… what we see on screen is both meaningful and deeply moving”- LA Times. “Charming, gently humorous, and beautifully attuned to the interior lives of children”- Village Voice. Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize and Ecumenical Jury Prize winner. 121 minutes. Subtitles.

The Great Beauty

Tuesday March 25, Thursday March 27, Saturday March 29 @ 7:30PM;
Sunday March 30 @ 1, 3:40PM.
Direction: Paolo Sorrentino; screenplay: Paolo Sorrentino, Umberto Contarello
Jaded high society writer Jep (Toni Sorvillo) is our tour guide though the kaleidoscopic decadence of modern Rome in this 21st century reboot of La Dolce Vita. “With its radical shifts in perspective, its high-spirited buffoonery, its nonchalant Marcello Mastroianni hero, and its population of dwarfs, nuns, near-nude orgyists, and preposterous high-art charlatans, The Great Beauty positively flaunts its Fellini-ness”- Village Voice. “It would be wrong to give away too many of the film’s numerous surprises… An extraordinary portrait of a great city where the crushing weight of history seems to bring out the worst in many” SF Examiner. Golden Globe winner, BAFTA winner, Academy Award nominee, Best Foreign Language Film of 2013. 142 minutes. Subtitles.

Tuesday April 1 – Sunday April 6- Cinema 320 makes way for Worcester’s 19th Latino Film Festival! For more info: dollyvaz@hotmail.com, or call (508) 798-1900×229. Broken Circle Breakdown

Tuesday April 8, Thursday April 10, Friday April 11 @ 7:30PM; NOTE: No Saturday, Sunday shows this weekend.

Direction: Felix Van Groeningen; screenplay: Felix Van Groeningen, Charlotte Vandermeersch, Carl Joos.
The story of a love and marriage, an emotional rollercoaster played out volcanically to the music of a Belgian bluegrass band in which the man and woman are lead performers. “After viewing it, I found myself thinking about it more than I have about any other film in some time. That’s the kind of movie this is, the kind that sticks with you, that prods you to examine things”- New Orleans Times-Picayune. “The real deal, an alternately wrenching and ecstatic viewing experience” – NY Post. Academy Award nominee, Best Foreign Language Film of 2013. 111 minutes. Subtitles.

The Rocket

THE ROCKET (Australia 2013; NR)

Tuesday April 15, Thursday April 17, Saturday April 19 @7:30PM; Sunday April 20 @1, 3PM.
Direction: Kim Mordaunt; screenplay: Kim Mordaunt and Miro Bilbrough
Amid a war-ruined jungle landscape that is rapidly being carved up and submerged by multinational corporations, Ahlo, a displaced ten-year-old Laotian boy thought to be cursed, gets a chance to redeem himself in a local rocket-launching contest. “An impressive narrative debut… Mordaunt previously directed a docu in Laos that featured kids who sold unexploded bombs for scrap metal, and that earlier experience invests this feature’s characters and milieu with an absolute integrity” – Variety. “Watching Ahlo mix his explosives is like watching a Cordon Bleu chef whip up a stupendous souffle”- Wall Street Journal. “The picture is crowd-pleasing and enjoyable, but admirably respectful and carefully considered. A deeply accomplished first narrative feature” – The Playlist. Audience Award and Best Narrative Feature, Tribeca Film Festival. 96 min. NR. Subtitles.


GLORIA (Spain/Chile 2013; R)
Tuesday April 22, Thursday April 24, Saturday April 26 @ 7:30PM; Sunday April 27 @1, 3:10PM.
Direction: Sebastian Lelio; screenplay: Gonzolo Maza & Sebastian Lelio.
Fiftysomething divorcee Gloria (Paulina Garcia) keeps her hopes high in the middle aged dating scene, never abandoning her dreams of love or her effervescent spirit. When she meets Rodolfo (Sergio Hernandez) her destiny turns – but will his emotional baggage sabotage their budding romance? “Elevates your mood to such a point that you wish you could hug the screen out of sheer joy and recognition”- RogerEbert.com. “Between Lelio’s ingenuity in staging the film, an extremely clever script, and the pumping disco that intejects its opinions and assessments of each situation, Gloria is one of the most enjoyable movies to come along in a while”- LA Times. “Pitch perfect, terrifically written”- Variety. Best Actress winner, Berlin Film Festival. Top Five Foreign Films of 2013, National Board of Review. 110 min. Subtitles.

•••••NOTE ADDED SHOWS OF THE GREAT BEAUTY (1PM) AND BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN (3:40PM) ON SUNDAY, MAY 4. Monday May 5- Cinema 320 starts its summer break. Thanks for your support, and we’ll see you in the fall. TICKETS: $6.00 adults, $4.00 seniors, $3.00 Clark students (with ID)

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