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Our Spring Schedule – March-May 2016

Mustang poster

MUSTANG (Turkey 2015; NR)
Tuesday March 1, Thursday March 3 @ 7:30PM; Saturday 5 @ 1, 7:30PM. NOTE: No Sunday matinees this week. Saturday matinee substitutes.
Direction: Deniz Gamze Erguven; screenplay: Alice Winocour, Deniz Gamze Erguven
Five spirited young Turkish sisters are placed under increasingly strict supervision and, ultimately, outright confinement by their disciplinarian uncle after an innocent lark with some schoolboys is needlessly blown up into a family scandal. “What begins as a playful look at five young women’s rebellion against their strict upbringing soon becomes something far more stirring and emotional”- Screen International. “Erguven’s film, beautifully shot and beautifully performed, cuts its storybook tone with starker, more brutal truths. Anger – aimed at a conservative social order and those complicit in maintaining it – courses through this sad, striking tale” – Philadelphia Inquirer.   Academy Award nominee, Best Foreign Language Film.
97 minutes. Subtitles.



Hitchcock Truffaut poster
Tuesday March 8, Thursday March 10, Saturday March 12 @ 7:30PM; Sunday March 13 @ 1, 2:40PM.
Direction: Kent Jones; written by: Kent Jones, Serge Toubiana
Kent Jones’s lauded documentary is based on the celebrated book by Francois Truffaut. As a rising young director in 1962, Truffaut interviewed Alfred Hitchcock and captured the greatest explications Hitchcock ever gave of his filmmaking philosophy and methods. Contemporary master directors Martin Scorsese, Richard Linklater, Wes Anderson and others add their own thoughts on the enduring qualities of Hitchcock’s art. “The best part is getting to hear both men talk about their art in exhaustive, almost fetishistic detail. If you’re a classic movie buff, this is a must-see”- Entertainment Weekly. “Smart, thoughtful and elegantly done, [it’s] more than an authoritative look at the careers and interpersonal dynamics of Hitchcock and Truffaut… it’s also a love letter to film itself, to the value and lure of the cinematic experience”- LA Times. 79 minutes. English and subtitles.



Theeb poster
THEEB (UK 2015; NR)
Tuesday March 15, Thursday March 17, Saturday March 19 @ 7:30PM; Sunday March 20 @ 1, 3:05PM
Direction: Naji Abu Nowar; screenplay: Bassel Ghandour, Naji Abu Nowar
A young Bedouin boy named Theeb (“Wolf”) and his older brother Hussein are swept up in the distant meshes of a global war when, for reasons of family honor, Hussein agrees to escort a British officer to a well in the desert during the Ottoman campaign of World War I. A stark and engrossing adventure story along the lines of a miniature Lawrence of Arabia, and also a terse, observant character study of young Theeb himself (Jacer Eid). “A mesmerizing coming of age adventure in an elemental setting… becomes both more allegorical and more specific to our historical moment the more you think about it”- Boston Globe. “Elemental in construct and narrative, the picture breathes through the screen during Theeb’s moments of quiet reflection at his surroundings and all the cruelty the vast, all-encompassing desert has to offer”- The Playlist. “A truly memorable first feature”- Time Out London. Academy Award nominee, Best Foreign Language Film. 100 minutes. Subtitles.




Ingrid Bergman poster
Tuesday March 22, Thursday March 24, Saturday March 26 @ 7:15PM; Sunday March 27@ 1, 3:15PM. NOTE: 7:15PM evening start times.
Direction: Stig Bjorkman; written by: Dominika Daubenbuchel, Stig Bjorkman, Stina Gardell
Many hours of home movies and decades of faithful journal entries are the treasure trove of this fascinating biography of one of the world’s most magnetic screen personalities. “A creature of impulse to the end, she was a woman who saved everything – from lace valentines and old passports to Oscars and tear-stained divorce papers. How lucky we are she can share them with us now”- NY Observer. “A surprisingly intimate film, a completely involving look inside the life of a gifted and complex woman”- LA Times. “A vivid and enlightening documentary”- Village Voice. Special Mention winner, Cannes Film Festival. 114 minutes. English and subtitles.



TUESDAY 3/29-SUNDAY 4/3 – Cinema 320 takes a one week break. NOTE: There will be no Latino Film Festival this spring.


A War poster 3
A WAR (Denmark 2015; NR)
Tuesday April 5, Thursday April 7, Saturday April 9 @ 7:30PM; Sunday April 10 @ 1, 3:20PM
Direction and screenplay: Tobias Lindholm
A Danish army officer’s command decision under fire in Afghanistan has consequences that continue to haunt him and his family when he comes home. “Perhaps the best film yet set against the mess of the ongoing Middle Eastern wars, Tobias Lindholm’s latest is a scrupulous, unglamorized examination of battlefield decision-making – and its potentially devastating impacts, both there and back home”- Village Voice. “A riveting, complex film that asks one simple question: what do you do when there’s no right answer?”- Empire. Another compelling drama from the director of A Hijacking. Academy Award nominee, Best Foreign Language Film. 115 minutes. Subtitles.



TUESDAY 4/12-SUNDAY 4/17 – Cinema 320 takes a one-week break.


Marguerite poster

MARGUERITE (France 2015; NR)
Tuesday April 19, Thursday April 21, Saturday April 23 @7:30PM; Sunday April 24 @ 1, 3:25PM.
Direction and screenplay: Xavier Giannoli
In post-World War I France, the wealthy wife (Catherine Frot) of an ambitious businessman bemuses the genteel members of her local music society with private operatic recitals at her estate, in which she sings so dreadfully that it practically requires masks on her audience to conceal their winces. Still, it’s only a poignant and harmless eccentricity – until she becomes determined to share her talent with the world. “Cover your ears and open your hearts… [a] pitch-perfect comedy of manners… splendid satire”- Variety. “An amusingly entertaining portrait of fortune, infamy and severe melodic dysfunction… whenever Frot takes the stage, we don’t know if we’re supposed to laugh or cry, and that’s precisely the point”- Hollywood Reporter. 124 minutes. Subtitles.



Embrace of the Serpent poster


Tuesday April 26, Thursday April 28, Friday April 29 @ 7:30PM; Sunday May 1 @1, 3:25PM. NOTE: No Saturday show. Friday substitutes.
Direction: Ciro Guerra; screenplay: Ciro Guerra, Jacques Toulemonde Vical, Richard Evans Schultes, Theodor Koch-Grunberg
Two scientists exploring the Amazon forty years apart in search of a sacred plant with miraculous healing powers each befriends the same shaman, through whom we see the gradual destruction of his people and culture by European encroachment. A mystical, memorable, unique film. “Gorgeous… has that ripped-from-your-dreams sensibility, where surprising turns float alongside a story you feel like you’ve known your whole life”- The Guardian. “A legitimate stunner, a river-trip that will mesmerize and jack with you, leaving you not quite certain, at its end, how to go about the rest of your day”- Village Voice. “A truly original experience for the mind and the soul”- Entertainment Weekly. Academy Award nominee, Best Foreign Language Film. 124 minutes. Subtitles.







TICKETS: $6.00 adults, $4.00 seniors, $3.00 Clark students (with ID)


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