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Our Fall Schedule – September-November 2015


Forbidden Films still

FORBIDDEN FILMS (Germany 2015; NR)
Tuesday September 29, Thursday October 1, Saturday October 3 @ 7:30PM; Sunday October 4@ 1, 2:50PM.
Direction: Felix Moeller
During the 12 years of the Third Reich the German film industry made about 1200 movies, all of them under the aegis of propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Perhaps 100 were overtly political, and of these, over 40 remain under strict control in Germany today, their domestic exhibition permitted only with special restrictions. Felix Moeller investigates the continuing power and appeal of the most heinous motion pictures ever made, tours de force of mendacity and hatred, which linger like buried bombs, still waiting to go off in the minds of impressionable viewers 75 years later. “A documentary fascinated with and fearful of cinema’s potency, but it’s also devoted to the idea of open discourse, a stance that underlines the urgency of thinking about film critically”- NY Times. “Anyone with an interest in the intersection between film history and world history, or in the psychological powers of narrative cinema, should see Forbidden Films“- The Dissolve. 94 minutes. Subtitles.



Charlie's Country still
CHARLIE’S COUNTRY (Australia 2015; NR)
Tuesday October 6, Thursday October 8, Saturday October 10 @ 7:30PM; Sunday October 11 @ 1, 3:10PM.
Direction: Rolf de Heer; screenplay: Rolf de Heer and David Gulpilil
Charlie (David Gulpilil, Walkabout and Rabbit-Proof Fence), an aging Aboriginal living in a small town in the Australian outback, increasingly chafes under the arbitrary rules of the white man’s bureaucracy. Eventually he becomes so disgusted that he slips away into the bush to recover a more authentic way of life; but his contentions with 21st century western civilization are not so easily escaped. “A delicate but powerful film…. this eloquent drama’s stirring soulfulness is laced with the sorrow of cultural dislocation but also with lovely ripples of humor and even joy” – Hollywood Reporter. “Gulpilil is as magnificent as ever” – Boston Globe. “A gorgeous film, and Gulpilil is impeccable in it” – NPR. Best Actor, Cannes Film Festival. 108 minutes. English and subtitles.



The Second Mother still
Tuesday October 13, Thursday October15, Saturday October 17 @ 7:30PM; Sunday October 18 @ 1, 3:10PM
Direction and screenplay: Anna Muylaert
The orderly and comfortable balance of a well-to-do Sao Paulo family, which has depended much more that anyone realizes on the love contributed by the longtime housekeeper (Regina Case), is upset by the inauspicious arrival of her free-thinking daughter (Carmila Mardila). “Muylaert does a deft job here of story and setting up her characters and their predicaments in ways that immediately invite reflection”- Hollywood Reporter. “A nuanced, often funny look at family and social status, and Case’s performance is both heartbreaking and hilarious”- Entertainment Weekly.”A satisfying contradiction. It’s a soap opera with a social conscience that casually mixes dramatic elements about serious class issues with a crowd-pleasing audience picture sensibility” – LA Times. Special Jury Prize winner – Acting, Regina Case and Camila Mardila, Sundance Film Festival. Audience Award winner, Fiction, Berlin Film Festival.- . 112 minutes. Subtitles. PLAY THE TRAILER:



Meru still
MERU (USA 2015; R)
Tuesday October 20, Thursday October 22, Saturday October 24 @ 7:30PM; Sunday October 25@ 1, 2:50PM.
Direction: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin
The Shark’s Fin summit of Mount Meru in the Himalayas has defeated every team of climbers up to now. The three newest challengers ( one of them still recuperating from a fractured skull and crushed vertebrae in a skiing accident) chronicle their climb in this palm-sweating documentary that grabs you and holds on for dear life. “All the familiar critical adjectives (harrowing, etc.) sound especially lame in this context. The movie is sick“- NY Magazine. “Blindingly beautiful and meticulously assembled… easily makes you forget that what you are watching is completely bananas”- NY Times. Audience Award winner, Best Documentary, Sundance 2015. 87 minutes.






Court still
COURT (India 2015; NR)
Tuesday November 3, Thursday November 5, Saturday November 7 @ 7:30PM; Sunday November 8 @ 1, 3:25PM
Direction and screenplay: Chaitanya Tamhane
An elderly folksinger, who is also a community organizer and a general gadfly to authority, is arrested for breaking an absurd law against inciting suicide when a sewer worker is found dead under mysterious circumstances after listening to one of his protest songs. The trial that follows is a preposterous cavalcade of corruption, encrusted bureaucracy, and obsolete colonial legalisms. “Richly detailed, and its acting seems almost invisible – the performers just seem to be these people. One of the strongest debut features in years” – Village Voice. “A masterpiece, one of the best films of the year” – RogertEbert.com. Best Film, Venice Film Festival. Indian National Film Award winner, Best Film.116 minutes. English and subtitles.



Breathe still

BREATHE (France 2015; NR)
Tuesday November 10, Thursday November 12, Saturday November 14 @7:30PM; Sunday November 15 @ 1, 2:50PM
Direction and screenplay: Melanie Laurent
No collection of the best films of 2015 would be truly representative without this startling drama of an intimate friendship between two teenage schoolgirls whose relationship ricochets from deepest empathy to the most bitter and destructive hostility. “Laurent brings a sure, sensitive hand to tonally tricky material and draws superb work from relative newcomers Josephine Japy and Lou De Lagge”- Variety. “Conveys an uncanny insight into the psychology of late adolescence, when lingering childhood fantasies can combust with burgeoning adult sexuality in a swirl of uncontrollable feelings”- NY Times. “Breathe is a very good title for a film that ever so gradually takes your breath away”- Wall Street Journal. 91 minutes. Subtitles.



Phoenix still

PHOENIX (Germany 2015; PG-13)
Tuesday November 17, Thursday November 19, Saturday November 21 @ 7:30PM; Sunday November 22 @1, 3PM.
Direction: Christian Petzold; screenplay: Christian Petzold, Harun Farocki, Hubert Monteilhet
In postwar Germany a Jewish nightclub singer (Nina Hoss) emerges from a concentration camp with a changed appearance following plastic surgery for a face wound. She comes back into the life of her former husband as a stranger, seeking the answer to a question – Did he betray her to the Nazis? “Both a powerful allegory for postwar regeneration and a rich Hitchcockian tale of mistaken identity, Phoenix once again proves that Petzold and Hoss are clearly one of the best actor-director duos working in movies today”- Hollywood Reporter. “A film this satisfying on every level – one that can be enjoyed purely for its narrative while also providing material for hours of discussion on its themes – is truly rare”- RogerEbert.com. 98 minutes. Subtitles.




TICKETS: $6.00 adults, $4.00 seniors, $3.00 Clark students (with ID)

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